A Serendipitous Encounter in Saigon – part un…perhaps later there’ll be part deux :)

Kalau orang bilang “everything happened for a reason or two” memang iya, kayak malam ini, gue memutuskan buat pulang dulu ke apartemen instead of langsung pergi kelayapan di D1 🙂

So, it was a rather quick dinner – I am glad that I chose to sit by the bar – next to this rather handsome guy, and when I sat he said “Hey how’s your day?”

Oh my eyessss…my eyesss kalau kaya Phoebe but in a very nice way this is haha…tentu gw salah tingkah, but then started to talk – I asked “How bout you? All good?!”

Then those moment of silence, dammit! Couldn’t say any words, while impatiently waiting for my food to arrived, phewww long story short, he asked for a bill, and he was back reading his book, while I was in a hurry finishing my own food just to get another chance to speak with him again…timing was perfect “Oh well I am full” and there you go we got into a sweet conversations 🙂

So he is from Vancouver, Canada and twice a year visiting HCMC for some work at factory, he produced bags and stuff, we trade some stories, our stories just a regular one tho…and finally he lent his hand, a sweet handshake “By the way, I’m bla bla bla – what’s your name?” Oh Dear sweet baby…those smoldering eyes….

Then the stories end sadly…I went out from the restaurant just hoping to see him again – but of course the chance would be one in a million ways hahahah

Udah lama banget gue gak ngerasain senang begini soal cowok, sekarang saking seneng nya muka dia mulai samar – yang gue inget muka dua sejenis Nate Berkus – oh my type isn’t it?!

Dua purnama di Saigon – who knows it happened?! Perhaps, I am starting to let loose the feeling of homesick or NOT hahaha

Dear You, hope we can see again one day…what a serendipitous encounter tonight 🙂 I am a happy camper, even tho dunno when will happen again…maybe sooner or maybe never again, but who cares?!

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