Catatan di 2020

Goa Gong, Rabu, 22 April 2020 hampir tengah malam

Despite of uncertainties also boredom, indeed there many things I should be grateful, the fact I am healthy, still have a job while one of my counterpart early this week on Monday lost her job and it is shocked us, I am now more actives in doing almost regular sports at home, tried to cook and so far beyond edible :P, mom – sisters – nephews – nieces also relatives are all okay…and from time to time I can still can have a quick getaway to have my coffee.

There is nothing like this year…it has been emotionally draining, as you are pretty confuse with almost anything.

But I am glad I have pretty strong support system…and I am thanking all of my beloved silly friends.

It’s almost midnight, as usual I am listening to radio…and mind wander…

Hope we have better days ahead…

Besok curhat cinta cintaan ah

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