Parakan A Charming Little Town di Kaki Gunung Sumbing


Ganti rencana itu udah biasa dalam hidup, apalgai ganti tujuan jalan-jalan πŸ™‚ planning kali ini sebenarnya Saya ingin sekali mengunjungi Rumah Martha Tilaar di Gombong, tapi ternyata hari Senin itu tutup sehingga fixed harus ganti tujuan, dipilihlah Parakan, dikarenakan teracuni oleh teman baik sesama pecinta bangunan tua dan sejarah Mas Halim Santoso πŸ™‚

And I was right, Parakan such a lovable small town filled with friendly people, there was a sense of comforting when I visited this little town yesterday.

Dari Yogyakarta ke Parakan kami tempuh selama kurang lebih 3 jam dikarenakan we wanted to have an easy and slow trip and made some stops along the way if we saw some old and interesting buildings or even food…we stopped by in Muntilan and Magelang as they also have pretty good looking Colonial Houses and buildings.


Two things that caught to my attention beside their old, grand and well-preserved mansions are the people within this little town of Parakan, they are all courteous and friendly, very open and somehow you can sense they less judgmental, they smiled at you even the passers even people on motorbikes, they even made some efforts if you asked them for help to show some direction, I felt like in the 80s where Indonesian are so much friendlier and nicer…yet this city has a cool temperature all the way.

The other thing that caught our attention was, how clean all the houses are, they really taking care of their houses and neighborhood, even the abandoned houses their flooring are so clean and shiny.

Ah Parakan, how I love my weekend discovery!

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